Introducing the Sturges Turning Head™ System

Take your mill to the next level! If you’ve wanted a CNC lathe but couldn’t justify it, we can relate. CNC lathes are either super-expensive or super-cheap and take up too much space.

That’s why we invented the Sturges Turning Head™ system. The spindle is American-made, heavy-duty and fully rated for all turning, milling and grinding operations. It is zero-maintenance and super-quiet. It uses premier ABEC 7 ball bearings, pre-loaded and lubricated for life. The spindle run-out is less than 50 millionths of an inch. It has a large through-bore 5C spindle with a 4-degree taper mount nose – same as Hardinge™ tool-room lathes. The precision indexing feature locks the spindle in 15 degree increments, letting you do milling operations while your parts are still set-up – the most accurate way to make parts.

The Sturges Turning Head™ system does most of the turning, facing and complex-contouring operations of a large expensive CNC lathe at a fraction of the cost. And there’s no new software to learn. Operators use their existing milling machine’s software. In short, the Sturges Turning Head™  System is compact, precise, robust, quick-to-use and a smart investment. To see more, you can watch short videos in our Video Gallery.

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